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Have you ever tried visiting a webpage from your mobile device or tablet and got frustrated that you always have to zoom in to read fine print or tap on a button or link? Or when you have scroll the page from left to right and the scroll back to read the next line and hope you know exactly where to look?

Yup – you must have guessed from the title of the page- that site does not have a Mobile Responsive Web Design. But what does that really mean?

For so long developers didn’t have to worry about writing for may different screen sizes because there only a few screen sizes to write web sites for. And most of them were quite similar. But recently we have so many different devices – both desktop and handheld – and that brought about a design challenge to web designers because viewing traditional web designs on your handheld devices was quite painstaking.

This is where mobile responsive web design comes in. It takes your website as it is, rearranges the contents according to different screen sizes and layers them on top of each other in a manner than makes perfect sense and keeps continuity.

This type of responsive web design makes it incredibly easy and enjoyable to view a website without having to zoom in or scroll your page from left to right. And that is because your website doesn’t need to be scrolled or zoomed into. The font sizes stay large instead of becoming ant-sized, your pictures look beautiful as they are positioned nicely and overall it keeps your visitors on your site instead of driving them away.

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