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Call to Action – What is it?

Without thinking about what the technical meaning of call to action is, you have already been using them almost every time you browse a website.

When you click on a link or button that challenges you to do something you are performing a call to action. Examples of call to action are things like: “Register Now!” or “Call to Reeve Today!” or “Buy Now!”. What these links do is literally encourage the customer to perform an action by clicking on the link which will lead them further into your site and increase your internal click rates and leads.

Keeping visitors intrigued and involved in your site is crucial to maintaining higher SEO scores. Having great content leading to an eye-catching and irresistible call to action button is a great strategy to decreases your bounce rate and keep visitors on your site wanting to know more.

What are some good tips on how to use Call to Action buttons? Here are a few ways to encourage customer engagement:

  • Keep them clean and positioned in a non-cluttered area on your page or section of the page.
  • Make them stand out from all the other elements on the page. But don’t make of too crazy that it breaks the look of your site and site colors.
  • User them as links to great looking forms to collect client information for your CRM or to encourage clients to contact you – giving you conversion opportunities and sell your services.
  • Use action verbs and short sentences such as “Buy Now” or “Call us for your free quotes” etc…

These were just a few ways to keep your visitors engaged on your website, drive more traffic, decrease bounce rate and increase conversion rates. Use Call to Action buttons. “Do it now!”  Get it… Get it ? Call to action…. Do….

Ok… I’ll stop now…